• Repair Kit, LG 37LC2D-UD, LCD TV, Capacitors only, Not the entire board

    bought the kit online, but i ordered for the wrong tv... check your model... had them shipped to my dad's house, and got them back after the return period was over....

  • Repair Kit, LG 37LC7D, LCD TV, Capacitors

    Bought them on ebay. I ordered the wrong set, so double check the tv model before you purchase! Had them shipped to my dad, so I didn't get them back before I could return to the seller. Brand new!

  • ASUS VG248QE Logic Board/Motherboard & Power Supply Replacement Parts & Hardware

    Internal parts replaced by G-sync kit for the ASUS VG248QE 144Hz 1080p 24" 1ms PC gaming monitor.

  • Multicade

    Multicade 35 games included: Mappy, Moon patrol, Mr. Do, Mr Do's castle, Pac man, Ms Pac man, Pac Man plus, Super Pac Man, Jr Pac Man, Super breakout, Zaxxon, Super Zaxxon, Centipide, Donkey kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey kong 3, Galaza, Galaxian, Galaxian Partx, Millipede, Pengo, Phoenix, Sini Stars, Cristal castles, Liberator, Missile Command, Pooyan, Quix, Space invaders, Deluxe space invader ...  More

  • Acer X203H Power/Input/Channel Button Board

    Pulled out of a good working monitor. All buttons work like new.

  • Acer X203H power/inverter board and shield

    Item pulled from a working monitor.

  • Apple Cinema Display A1267 24" Power Supply 212 Watt Board 661-4821 PA-2201-02A


  • Westinghouse LCD 22" monitor

  • Proximus Mini 7" USB Touch Screen Monitor